Assala Service

Emirati woman and elderly man
Emirati woman and elderly man

Assala, brought to you by Manzil Healthcare Services, is a new comprehensive approach to improving the quality of life and health of senior citizens in the UAE. Assala focuses on improving mind, body and spirit as well as providing clinical and non-clinical care in your home, and during your social companionship or outdoor activities.

Assala is a membership service that includes health support, social support and education tips with the objective  to better integrate you into your community. Assala supports you in leading a more significant and independent lifestyle.

Assala brings you secure and advanced technological healthcare services to allow you to be virtually connected to your loved ones and your care team at any time.

Assala incorporates social, entertainment, awareness, health tips, cultural, health support, family education, grooming, contact center and advanced technology services which is tailored to your needs. These services are given at or outside your place of living.

Our services include:

  • Social and Cultural Support – Spending quality time with you, keeping you company as well as keeping you in touch with your friends, relatives and the community.
  • Health Support Services – Providing clinical staff to cater to your health requirements on a monthly basis (includes Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists).
  • Awareness and Health Tips – Providing you with health and non-heath related educational materials.
  • Entertainment – Sharing hobbies and leisure activities with you and your relatives or friends.
  • Family Education – Providing your family with the necessary training and clinical education.
  • Service Center Hotline – Offering point-to-point communications link in which your call is automatically directed to our team who can support with your queries.
  • Tele-consultation – Providing you safe access to our technological platform (Remote Patient Care) so you can connect to your care provider via teleconference.
  • Add-on Services – Additional services can be provided upon request like Live-in Caregiver, Transportation Services, Vitamin Infusion, Grooming Services and more.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • UAE Residents (Emiratis and Expatriates)
  • 60 years of age and above

If you or your loved ones are looking for a healthier way to live and would like to engage in social activities with the support of a trained and competent clinical staff, Assala is the answer!

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