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Grooming And Massage Services

Providing special attention to your loved ones allow them to feel loved and cared for. One of the ways of doing so is treating them to grooming and massage services. When you feel good about yourself, you generally feel good about your wellbeing. Despite your loved ones being home due to their condition, there are many ways you can make them feel good about themselves. Manzil provides grooming and massage services to your loved ones at the comfort of your home! We partner with mobile salon experts who are specialized in providing services to individuals with the same condition as your loved ones. We offer packages and customize them based on your needs.
Our experienced nurses and midwives have undergone specialized education in providing instruction and practical help in mother and infant care, including what to expect during the first few weeks at home with a newborn. This includes but is not limited to, nutrition, exercise, breast-feeding, and assisting parents in introducing their new baby with his/her sibling(s).

The services offered are:

Hair Care

Hair Coloring

Hair Removal

Post-delivery wound care

Massage Services

Nail Care

Others (Henna, Body Bath and more)