Home medical devices and equipments

Manzil Healthcare Services provides a comprehensive home medical equipment program offering a wide selection of home medical devices and durable equipment providing the patient and family member with the comfort, mobility and convenient service they need. Manzil’s home medical devices are available for rent or sale, and include equipment that addresses a variety of needs including respiratory, mobility and others. Our trained and professional team will help in the device installation, calibration and maintenance, as well the after sales service.


  • Manzil Healthcare Services is one of the largest regional healthcare providers offering individualized care for patients in the comfort of their own environment
  • Manzil offers a convenient, prompt delivery service available seven days a week
  • Manzil’s rental program offers the flexibility to use the equipment even short term on a one-month rental basis to avoid the unnecessary expense of purchasing
  • Manzil’s medical equipment selection is of the highest quality available in the market
  • We also provide clinical follow up and monitoring programs with our clinical staff
  • All Manzil staff members and respiratory therapists are licensed and continuously trained to better serve all of our patients and their families
  • Manzil’s certified technicians provide training to patients and their caregivers on how to safely use the equipment
  • Manzil achieves high levels of patient and family satisfaction particularly with respiratory-challenged and neuro-ortho patients

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