Live-in Caregiver Service

Manzil offers you Live-in Caregiver services who can provide specialized services while living in your home. Our live-in caregiver services are for patients of all ages, returning home after hospitalization, or recovering from accidents and injuries and who need care, supervision or assistance support. 

As our loved ones grow older, they require a little more help with their daily activities. They may need assistance with simple tasks like showering, eating or remembering to take their medications.

Old age also comes with risks to their safety like falling or slipping even when they’re at home. You might not always be there, so we want to help put your mind at ease by making sure your loved ones are safely taken care of. We would love to hear from you and support you all the way. Contact us for more details here.

Our Scope of Service:

  • Assistance with daily activities of living
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Personal grooming
  • Feeding
  • Daily exercise and Rehabilitation

Caregiver Profile

Guaranteed Service

  • Buffer Caregivers
  • Customer Service

Right Caregiver

  • Cultural Match
  • Expertise Match

Professional Conduct

  • Punctual
  • Medical Expertise

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Immediate Start of Service
  • Possibility to Change Caregiver Whenever Needed
  • Close Supervision and Quality Assurance by Certified Professionals