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Mother & Baby

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Guiding you from having a baby to growing a family

As a new mom, many challenges and changes will come along as you prepare to have a baby, until long after you leave the hospital with a newborn. Our experienced nurses and midwives will provide you with guidance and practical help in caring for yourself and your newborn
Our experienced nurses and midwives have undergone specialized education in providing instruction and practical help in mother and infant care, including what to expect during the first few weeks at home with a newborn. This includes but is not limited to, nutrition, exercise, breast-feeding, and assisting parents in introducing their new baby with his/her sibling(s).

Our baby nurses will help you with:

Caring for your newborn

Feeding, bathing, nappy changing , baby settling, sleeping and helping families cope with a crying infant

Baby health monitoring including growth charting, baby weighing and observation of fontanelle Mothers’ breastfeeding support and education

Baby health monitoring

Growth charting, baby weighing and observation of fontanelle

Breastfeeding support and education

Post-delivery wound care

Psycho-social support

Sibling integration and comfort

Childcare services

Watch our Mother and Baby service in action:

A young mother carrying her child while sitting in a furry cushioned sofa

Our midwife will support you with:

Antenatal services

Helping you set up a birth plan

Prenatal Services

Explaining the process and signs of labor

Helping you manage expectations after childbirth

Providing emotional and psychological support for childbirth

Lactation Consultation