Patient Therapy Compliance

Patient therapy compliance is a major challenge, leading to prolonged medication, disease-related complications, and hospitalization that result in substantive treatment costs, poor outcomes and even death. As a results, affecting patients as well as other stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Poor adherence to therapy is caused by several factors including:

  • Lack of information and coordination between the healthcare provider and the patient
  • Lack of patient education and understanding around the potential benefits of the therapy
  • Inconvenient or complex administration regime hindering the patient from following the prescribed therapy
  • Absence of therapy administration training and support for the patient
  • Adverse events after adopting the prescribed therapy, leading to poor adherence
  • Behavioral and psychological challenges making it difficult for the patient to adopt the therapy
  • Unfavorable impact on the patient’s lifestyle

One of the key challenges for pharma companies is to create an environment where patients are continuously motivated, informed about their condition, and are proactive in adhering to the recommended therapies. Effective patient support programs can help create such an environment.

How Manzil Can Help

Through our licensed nurses, we can provide patient therapy adherence support across the countries we operate in, working closely with our pharma partner. Our patient touch points range from medical center visits, home visits, to phone consultations and electronic reminders.

Our skilled registered nurses undergo continuous nursing education, while our strategic affiliations with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and the Joslin Diabetes Center continue to drive additional clinical education and training on an ongoing basis.

Scope of Service

  • Support patient support program enrollment efforts (if needed)
  • Educate patients and family about the patient support program specifics and adherence benefits
  • Administer the therapy at home and train patients to self-administer where required
  • Follow up with patients to monitor adherence rates, share reminders and reinforce regime adherence practices
  • Gather and document adverse event data, patient queries as well as concerns about the program
  • Conduct exit surveys to measure patient satisfaction with the patient support program

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