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Pediatric Care

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    Allowing them to be children outside a hospital bed

    You can now make sure your little ones carry on doing what they love the most while enjoying your presence and support. Have us come home and take care of their after hospital care or long term condition. After all, every superhero needs their sidekick!
    As parents, we want our children to be happy and healthy; to be outside playing, running, laughing and having fun. That is why whenever they are sick, we do everything in our power to make them feel better. You can trust us in providing this care to your children. The same care you would provide for them so they can improve. Our team of licensed nurses and therapists will provide dedicated pediatric care to assist you in taking care of your child’s healthcare needs. They help balance home care requirements with a comfortable environment for your child and your family.

    Providing care for your little ones with the following conditions:

    Complications related to prematurity

    Lung related diseases

    Neurological disorders


    Heart Disease


    Kidney Disease

    Blood disorders

    Metabolic disorders like Diabetes

    a physician in while laboratory coat with stethoscope checking her pediatric patient's temperature using an ear thermometer

    You have access to professionals who are experts in:

    • Activities of daily living (assistance with or comprehensive care)
    • Medication management
    • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
    • Intravenous therapy (IV)
    • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG)/nasogastric tube (NG) feeding
    • Pain management
    • Tracheostomy care
    • Respiratory therapy
    • Catheter care
    • Stoma care
    • Mobilization
    • Wound care