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Ventilation At Home

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Making the once impossible, possible.

An approach to provide your loved ones an alternative to lifelong institutional care for all ages, ranging from pediatric to elderly. Our intensive care trained nurses, home care physicians, respiratory and physical therapists provide hospital grade care at home with 24/7 care and support.

Click on the video to find out how Charlie was able to be with his family at home with Manzil’s help.

Benefits for you and your loved ones:

Increased family and community integration

Increased social interactions that enhance your loved one’s quality of life

Reduced exposure to hospital-borne infections including MRSA/MDRO

For children, living with their parents and family greatly enhances their normal development and the quality of their relationships with family and friends

Getting your necessities to where you feel the most comfortable. You no longer need to be at a hospital just to get on a medical device.