Ventilation at Home


Ventilation At Home provides clinically stable patients requiring ventilator support with an alternative to lifelong institutional care. It is suitable for  patients of all ages from pediatric to elderly suffering from a range of pathological processes or  disorders including those

affecting the central nervous, neuromuscular, skeletal, cardiovascular or respiratory systems and patients recovering from chronic or  critical illness or  requiring palliative care.

Randomized Controlled Trials have established many benefits of Ventilation At Home. These include increased family and community integration and other social interactions that enhance the patient and their family’s quality of life. Patients cared for  in the comfort and familiar setting of their homes have reduced exposure to hospital-borne infections including MRSA/MDRO. For children,  living with their parents and family greatly enhances their normal development and the quality of their relationships with family and friends.

Manzil’s  expert clinicians including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and respiratory therapists have significant ventilation clinical experience and education. They provide holistic, partial or  full life-support ventilator care tailored to the individual patient’s condition and needs.

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