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MQOLS-D Questionnaire

Manzil Quality of Life Scale - Diabetes (MQOLS-D)

Instructions: Please indicate how often each of the following statements applies to you by circling the appropriate number. Use the following scale:

1 = Never 2 = Rarely3 = Sometimes 4 = Often 5 = Always

Physical Health and Symptoms

1. I feel fatigued due to my diabetes.

2. I experience symptoms of high blood sugar (e.g., thirst, frequent urination).

3. I experience symptoms of low blood sugar (e.g., shakiness, sweating).

4. My diabetes interferes with my ability to engage in physical activities.

Physical Health and Symptoms

1. I feel anxious about potential complications of diabetes.

2. I feel depressed because of my diabetes.

3. I feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing my diabetes.

Social and Recreational Activities

1. I avoid social situations because of my diabetes.

2. I feel limited in participating in recreational activities due to my diabetes.

3. I feel isolated or left out because of my diabetes.

Diet and Lifestyle

1. I find it difficult to maintain a diet suitable for diabetes.

2. I feel restricted by the dietary limitations of diabetes.

3. I struggle with managing my weight because of diabetes.

Treatment and Medication

1. I find it challenging to remember to take my medications.

2. I am concerned about the side effects of my medications.

3. I feel burdened by the frequency of my medical appointments.

Overall Perception

1. I am satisfied with my current diabetes management..

2. I feel confident in my ability to manage my diabetes in the future.

3. I believe that diabetes has significantly impacted my overall quality of life.

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