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Gym Guide

Must-haves And Top Tips For The Gym

Are you getting ready for your first time at the gym? Walking up to a gym with a bunch of people working out and having their eyes on you can be very intimidating. Let me tell you this: they are minding their own business and won’t keep an eye on you the whole time. So, do your own work.


Aside from that thought, what might bother you on the first day of coming to the gym is the things you’ll need. Because sharing is caring, here are my must-haves and top tips for the gym, which I would like to share to you.


Gym Bag

This is one necessity you shouldn’t miss out on bringing to the gym. How will you bring all the other essentials if you don’t own a gym bag? Pick the right size of the gym bag that will enable you to accommodate your needs for the gym. With this, you can stash all you need in the bag without restrictions and get ready to leave the house if you’re running late.

Water Bottle

As you shed sweat throughout your workout, you’ll be required to bring back all the lost waters within your body. Bringing your reusable water bottle will enable you to have any amount of water you’ll need without paying for new bottled waters when you hit the gym. Furthermore, bringing your own bottle will also reduce the garbage population throughout the nation.


You are allowed to wear any gym-appropriate shoes and clothes while going to the gym. But keep in mind that it should be appropriate. You don’t want to go to the gym dressed up for a prom, do you? Pick a pair of sneakers that will accommodate your workout needs, as well as your clothes.


Another thing that you should include in your gym bag is a towel. You’ll be sweating all around the corner of the gym. With this towel, you’ll be able to wipe off the sweats running down your forehead or the sweats on the gym equipment you’ve used.


To keep your mind focused on the workout and to avoid any distractions, you’ll be needing headphones. Having a solid and motivational playlist will keep you on track.


Intensely working out for hours can make you smell bad. So if you have plans to shower at the gym, bring shampoo, soap, towel, deodorant, or perfume to make you fresh again. But if you don’t have plans to shower at the gym and plan to do it at home, you don’t want to smell bad and look sweaty throughout the drive, right? You can use cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, and antiperspirant wipes. Don’t forget to bring some extra clothes.

Top Tips:

When you plan to go to a gym, here are the things you should remember for making your time and sweat worthwhile:


  • Enter the gym with a solid plan.
  • Always start with stretches before working out.
  • Stick to your program and be consistent.
  • Increase weights or the intensity of your workout day by day.
  • Welcome pains, discomfort, and failures.
  • Keep your head held high.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated.
  • Never settle for one; try new exercises.
  • Rest and repeat.


Treat gym as another facet in life where you are allowed to make failures and successions. The people you’ll see once you enter the gym were once in your shoes―intimidated and conscious. Use this article as a guide toward your goal. With confidence and perseverance, you’ll be able to make your transformation.