Patient’s Testimonials

“It is my pleasure to have worked with Manzil. Manzil has watched my daughter overnight for a couple of months, until she has been sleeping better and through the night. I can’t stress enough how extremely reliable and accommodating Manzil’s nurse was”

- Abu Dhabi

“Our family is more than happy with all Manzil nurses who have visited our home. Their hard work and care is very obvious and has paid off. Thank you Manzil.”

- Abu Dhabi

“ Manzil Health Care is very professional, I liked working with all the nurses they provided me with. I will never change them ! ”

- Abu Dhabi

“My son’s self-esteem is much better. We are all happy that he can finally spend his days with us and with his siblings at home, all this thanks to Manzil’s professional home health services”

- Abu Dhabi

“God bless Manzil and all its team. I thank my doctor who has recommended Manzil to us, it was the best recommendation ever given”

- Dubai


Clinicians’ testimonials

“Amazing to know that they can render care to ventilated patient at home”

- ES, Physician, Dubai Hospital.

“The team has strong clinical skills. Patients and the family is confident with their Nurses. They are reliable and proficient.”

- AB, Physician, City Hospital.

“ Having professional attitude and complete process support from Manzil Case Manager until the patient is discharge”

- MY, Nurse Manger, Rashid Hospital.

“Manzil has clinical practice determined by evidence based policies with comprehensive clinicians – physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and respiratory therapists”

- CM, Case Manager Mediclinic City Hospital.


Founder’s testimonial

“The UAE harness the energy and vision of Emirati women. This is not just good for women, it’s good for society. We consist 50% of our country’s talent pool, and the accomplishments and milestones realized by us, the Emirati women, are vital to the success story of the UAE and the global place we have reached. In this matter, I am very proud that the female board members at Manzil Healthcare Services consist 50% of the board, and I encourage all Emirati women to chase their passion and pursue leadership positions in the private sector as well.”

- Dr. Ghuwaya Al Neyadi, Founder, Strategic Advisor & Member of the board at Manzil Healthcare Services.
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