January 24, 2019

It is often that the healing continues after patients leave the hospitals.  In fact, many of the patients stay much longer than expected or necessary as they want to avoid not-so-comfortable after surgery or hospitalization. Whereas the challenge is to get people out of hospitals as quickly as possible and make sure they don’t need to go back for same reasons.

According to Dr. Sarper, going forward hospitals would focus their services to mainly highly specialized care like cardiovascular surgery, intensive care and specialized surgery. There are various services that could move to home including primary care. And most importantly ICU beds can be freed for more critical cases by having stable patients care at home.

The home healthcare services make it possible for patients to be on ventilators and receive medical Infusions like IV antibiotics in the comfort of their homes, with their family around. Day care chemotherapy in hospitals has shifted to administering   some form of chemotherapies at the patient’s homes.

Besides, the cases of medical errors in hospitals are critical problem in healthcare delivery, leaving a sense of discomfort and fear among patients and caretakers. And not to mention, the cost of health care has been increasing due to the growing incidence of NCDs, technological advancements and limited availability of specialized care. All these factors are collectively leading more and more patients to look for medical facilities with their homes and to complement their needs we have many home healthcare focused medial facilities like Manzil Healthcare Services.

Manzil Healthcare Services is a technology driven home healthcare and disease management company that provides skilled home healthcare using tele monitoring and wellness platforms. Manzil Healthcare is in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Ras Al Khaimah, with a team of professionals, offering a broad range of dedicated healthcare services.

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January 24, 2019

The healthcare industry in the region is undergoing a massive transformation in terms of technology and advanced medical procedures. But what has really been a significant change in the industry is the growth and demand for home healthcare services. There are more and more people who seek home healthcare services for various reasons. The most noteworthy reason being that patients are now getting the same level of care and quality nursing at home as they would receive in any reputed hospitals or medical centers.

If you were to ask any patient – whether they want to spend the extra time in the hospital, we know the answer would be “not if they must”. Today people prefer to receive medical treatment in the comfort of their homes. Of all the reasons, here are the most commons ones: the emotional comfort of getting quality treatment in a familiar and positive environment, expensive emergency room and inpatient hospital care and, fear of medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. They want the comfort of their own surroundings, and advancing technology is allowing them to take the advantage of safer care at the home.

Healthcare futurist Dr. Sarper Tanli, Group CEO Manzil Healthcare services, elaborates how technology advancements in healthcare are making it possible to continue the treatment of most of the patient’s at home while only acute and complex cases are being treated at the hospitals. He says that the hospital-like care and services will be in the comfort of homes in the future.

According to Dr. Sarper, the technology and expertise in skilled homecare are making home healthcare work. Use of technology is no longer restricted or confined to hospitals. Laboratory and diagnostic tests like blood tests and urine tests and many more can now be taken in the comfort of our homes. Medical equipment that is needed for the patients that can be placed at home are easily available. Today’s technology provides more accuracy and this leads to better treatment with minimal or negligible errors.


This shift in health care trend and the change in the behavior, both from the patient and medical providers, is mainly driven by the evolution of technology. It is remarkable that home healthcare services can also be tailored to chronic conditions such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes etc. Thanks to the advanced technological inventions, it is possible to manage the high-risk patients by providing daily remote monitoring and timely intervention as the patient’s condition warrants.

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December 19, 2018

Breastfeeding provides babies and young infants with all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Whether it is a new mother or a seasoned parent, breastfeeding often comes with its fair share of concerns, one of which is “is there a risk of developing breast cancer while breastfeeding?”

It is possible to develop breast cancer while breastfeeding a baby, but it is a rare possibility. It is reported that only 3% of women develop breast cancer while they are breastfeeding. The months of pregnancy and breastfeeding decrease the number of menstrual cycles that a woman has in her lifetime, thus reducing her life time exposure to the hormone oestrogen, which can promote breast cancer cell growth. So this reduction is thought to REDUCE the risk of developing breast cancer.

It is quite normal for breastfeeding women to feel lumps in their breast and are rarely as a result of breast cancer. Some of the most common conditions other than breast cancer that can cause a lump in the breast while breastfeeding are –

  1. Mastitis – An infection of the breast tissue caused by bacteria or a blocked milk duct
  2. Abscess – A rare but dangerous complication of untreated mastitis.
  3. Fibroadenomas – These are noncancerous tumors that can develop in the breast.
  4. Cysts – Known as galactoceles, these small lumps contain milk and often disappear once lactation is complete.

With mastitis or an abscess there is localized pain and redness and the woman feels unwell with fever.

Although the appearance of lumps during breastfeeding is common and not a big concern, women should immediately consult their doctor if a breast lump does not go away, continues to grow, is fixed and hard to the touch or causes dimpled skin.

Early detection of breast cancer increases the chances for successful treatment and it can also lead to less aggressive treatments and improved outcomes. A mammogram or an ultrasound provides images of the lump and help your doctor determine if the mass looks suspicious. This may also be followed with a biopsy, which involves removing a small sample from the lump to test for cancer.

If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer while lactating, in most cases, the doctor will recommend she stops breastfeeding because many breast cancer treatments can affect a woman’s milk supply or negatively impact the baby. The doctor will help to determine which treatment is best for an individual with breast cancer, as this can vary from person to person.

The doctor will also help patients decide which treatments are best as per the pregnancy stage and condition. The possible treatments include:

Surgery: Surgery may be necessary to remove a lump or cancerous growth. In some cases, this can involve a mastectomy (removal of the breast) or a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts). The extent of the surgery will determine whether or not the individual can continue breastfeeding.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses strong medications to destroy cancer cells within the body. Women who are having chemotherapy will need to stop breastfeeding.

Radiation: Some women undergoing radiation treatment may be able to continue breastfeeding, depending on the specific type of therapy. A doctor will be able to explain the risks to allow the individual to make an informed decision.

The diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating and particularly stressful for lactating mother and her breastfeeding infant. She requires the highest level of support and attention – both emotional and physical, ideally from a trained caretaker or nurse who can extend the best of care and support for both mother and the child.

Manzil Healthcare Services, the leading provider of medical services at home in the UAE, offers professional home care services, focusing on providing mothers the essential care required during the period that they need it the most. Manzil Healthcare is the first stand-alone home health organization that is accredited by Joint Commission International. The nursing and midwife services include: breastfeeding support and education, demonstrating care for the new-born baby, post-delivery wound care, as well as assistance with the physical, emotional, and social transformation after delivery and postpartum.

For more information call: 800 MANZIL (800 626 945) or email or visit

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December 19, 2018

Giving birth is a significant life event for a woman. It can either be a wonderful experience or a traumatic one, depending on how women are attended to and taken care. This is where expert professionals like nurses and midwives play an important role in helping mothers give birth to their new-borns hail and healthy.

The invaluable service and support of nurses and midwives extends even in the post-birth phase, where women are still learning their way around to take care of their new-born all on their own. It is their experience and expertise of providing the right care makes the early stages of parenthood smooth and safe.

In the UAE, the demand for midwives and is increasing dramatically. The main reason being the change lifestyle and the shift in demographics. The mothers, during their early stages of motherhood, lack the support of an elder member in the family or are deprived of a large network.

When a mother first returns home with her new-born child, especially if it is a first born, there are a lot of uncertainties that add stress to an already delicate time in her life. In addition, every home has different considerations. It is important to be able to provide professional, accredited, and customized care for mothers with new-bornbabies to suit their needs.” -Dr. Sraper Tanli, Group CEO of Manzil Healthcare


As part of its efforts to improving maternal, new-born and child health, Manzil Healthcare Services, the leading provider of medical services at home in the UAE, has introduced “Mother & Baby”a home care service that provides mothers the essential care required during the period that they need it the most.

“Our clinical team has the highest degrees of training. Having this level of professional care and support is no longer just a luxury. Increasingly, mothers demand it to complement their knowledge and the advice from doctors and hospitals. Through this kind of support, we minimize the need for hospital visits, or returns to the hospital by addressing a wider range of risk parameters.”  says Dr. Saper Tanli.

Manzil Healthcare Services is the first stand-alone home health organization that is accredited by the International Accreditation provider “Joint Commission International”. The nursing and midwife services include: breastfeeding support and education, demonstrating care for the new-born baby, post-delivery wound care, as well as assistance with the physical, emotional, and social transformation after delivery and postpartum.

For more information call: 800 MANZIL (800 626 945) or email or visit

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December 19, 2018

Abu Dhabi – UAE

The staff members of Manzil Healthcare Services, the leading home health and disease management service provider in the UAE, participated in the 5K walkathon that was organized by the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) on Friday, 16th November 2018, at the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi.

The event was from 5:00 PM onwards, it aimed to educate about diabetes and promote a healthier lifestyle among the residents of the UAE.Blue “diaBEAThis” printed shirts were worn by the staff members of Manzil Healthcare as a part of the initiative to spread awareness of the chronic disease and ways to prevent it.

According to the 2017 International Diabetes Federation (IDF) statistics, as cited in ICLDC UAE Diabetes Trends, over 1 million people have diabetes in the UAE. The prevalence of diabetes in the country is rising at a faster rate compared to the rest of the world with a forecasted number of people with diabetes to reach 2.2 million by 2040.

As part of its continued efforts to raise awareness about diabetes, Manzil Healthcare Services hosted various activities at its centers. BLUEVEMBER or Blue November was the theme of the Diabetes Awareness Month. The staff at Manzil Healthcare were dressed in blue on all Thursdays of the month including 14th November – the World Diabetes Day. The center had also set up a photo booth on that day, giving an opportunity to take a selfie and share it on their social media pages to pledge their support for the fight against diabetes.

Manzil Healthcare also raised awareness about diabetes through social media across its Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It encouraged people to write Hope on their hands and share it on social media under the hashtag # EachOneScreenOne – a campaign promoting each person to be screened and encouraging friends or family to be   screened.

Cut outs of Blue Circle, the global symbol of solidarity and support for Diabetes awareness, and Blue balloons were also hung up at all the offices of Manzil across the GCC to spread awareness of screening and early detection.

Manzil Healthcare Services, with a team of highly qualified physicians, nurses and therapists, offers disease management programs for Diabetes. Manzil’s Diabetes Management Program provides education and support to patients with diabetes to help reduce short and long term complications. Manzil’s comprehensive program relies on evidence-based guidelines to help improve patients’ health outcomes and quality of life.

Additionally, patients can be enrolled for Manzil’s Tele-monitoring Program that offers real time data monitoring & assessment, which ensures timely intervention to improve treatment compliance, health outcomes & patients’ self-management behaviors.

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October 17, 2018

Dubai, UAE

Manzil Healthcare Services revolutionizes its Healthcare services by launching  secure video connected home health facilities with a global partner

Manzil Healthcare Services, the leading homecare medical service provider in the UAE, in collaboration with Spectator Video Technology, introduces technologically-advanced Healthcare services at GITEX 2018 – one of the biggest technology shows in the region, held from 14th to 18th October 2018 at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai.

Manzil is the first company in the Middle East region, to enhance its Healthcare services with Spectator’s state-of-the-art eHealth, mobile Care and Tele-medicine platform for remote Primary Care, Chronic Care and Elderly Care services.

Spectator Middle East, the regional arm of Spectator Video Technology – Netherlands, is the only exhibitor showcasing its innovative remote and integrated Healthcare solutions in one secure platform, including a range  of video and other data communication technologies via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Spectator has been providing platform-based video communication technology for remote care solutions since 2004.

The first phase of Spectator technology adoption by Manzil will include introduction of remote eHealth and Tele-medicine services for Chronic Care and Elderly Care services, and video consultation to patients as part of Disease Management, Assala program and Home Care services. This will be followed by advanced ambulance services, based on Personal Medical Alarm Systems with Fall Detection feature.

The second phase technology adoption will be focused on introducing remote 24/7 Primary Care services for patients across UAE.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Sarper Tanli, Group CEO of Manzil Healthcare Services said: As the Healthcare sector in the region transforming, we are happy to take such a remarkable leap in the Healthcare technology solution with Spectator Video Technology. GITEX is a great platform to announce our partnership with Spectator and emphasise on our commitment of providing superior technologically advanced Healthcare services to the people of UAE.

Dr. Frans Hermes, Managing Director at Spectator Video Technology said: “We are delighted to be associated with Manzil Healthcare Services, one of the leading providers of homecare services in the UAE. Through this collaboration, we are looking forward to support Manzil Healthcare Services by providing sustainable Healthcare technology and solutions to improve Quality-of-Life and Healthcare access to all persons.”

Manzil Healthcare Services, by adopting these cutting-edge call centre based remote medical services from Spectator Video Technology, is expecting to increase its market share to at least 20% by the end of next year.

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September 23, 2018

WellRight Partners with Manzil Healthcare Services to bring Wellness Programs to Payers and Employers in the Middle East On World Wellness Weekend

Partnership established to help employees stay healthy and productive in order to help payers reduce healthcare spending

United Arab Emirates, September 23, 2018 – On the Occasion of World Wellness Weekend, WellRight, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, announced their partnership today with Manzil Healthcare Services in UAE. Manzil is an internationally accredited home healthcare and disease management company providing individualized care for patients in the comfort of their own environment.

“We’re pleased to partner with and assist Manzil in their goal to highlight well-being in the Middle East where chronic diseases are on the rise,” stated Tad Mitchell, WellRight’s President and CEO. “With WellRight’s combination of user-friendly software, fun challenges, and educational videos, we help employees adopt healthy habits and change people and organizations for good.”

Dr. Sarper Tanli agreed, “Our vision is to bring wellness to light and help manage chronic disease. This is important to all employers as happy and healthy people are more productive, and this helps reduce healthcare spending for payers.”

Manzil is adding the WellRight App to their wellness program offerings for corporate employers, insurance companies, and its own employees. The programs and services—including health risk assessment, nutrition, ergonomics, fitness, and wellness coaching—created by Manzil will reduce employee sick days, claims costs, and health premiums while improving employee health risk profiles, staff productivity, and retention.

About WellRight:
WellRight delivers complete corporate wellness programs that address the six key dimensions of holistic health: physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, and purpose. The program is easy to access via the WellRight online portal, smartphone apps (both Android and iOS), or text messaging, with integrations available for most wearables, fitness apps, and other wellness vendors. Every aspect of the program has been carefully designed to make well-being a lasting habit and includes variety and flexibility of customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive Health Assessment, free coaching for employees and their families, clear progress bars to track results, and fun and customizable reward structures to build and maintain motivation and engagement. Learn more at

About Manzil Healthcare Services:

At Manzil, our mission is to transform home health by providing high quality, technology enabled, and multidisciplinary care to our patients in the comfort of their environment. We strive to offer patient-centered medical treatments and therapy services with compassion for every patient we serve. Learn more at

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