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Payment And Insurance

We aim to provide a smooth payment and insurance process for our patients. We currently serve Thiqa and self-pay patients.Most of our home healthcare services are generally covered by Daman for Thiqa (UAE nationals) patients. To access these services, and to be eligible for insurance coverage, a referral is required from your healthcare provider outlining the need for home care services.For Thiqa patients, our team will coordinate with Daman to process all approval requests. Once the paperwork is submitted to Daman, the request is typically approved within 48 hours.For services not covered by Daman for Thiqa, we can provide a self-pay schedule for nationals.We constantly add new private insurance companies into our list. Please check with us who we currently have direct billing with. You can also contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage. If not covered, we can provide a self-pay schedule for requested services.All self-pay patients can contact us directly for an appointment or request a quote for their care needs.