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August 2020

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  From hormonal changes that can cause loosened joints and ligaments, to weight gain, and dealing with postpartum recovery, it’s normal to feel back pain. Back pain exercises after C-section can help to reduce your back pain, and gain muscle strength. Good news is that you can do these exercises at the comfort of your own home! Read more about the causes of

Post-stroke patients should start with a physiotherapy recovery program. This is important to regain their independence, endurance and muscle strength. Physiotherapy rehabilitation can: lead to better recovery help in amplifying the ability to perform basic skills like bathing, eating, dressing and walking restore strength and endurance enhance balance and coordination strengthen the brain's neuroplasticity Moreover, the physiotherapy program is developed to

Physiotherapy is an effective physical therapy method providing relief to patients with various medical conditions. Its benefits are a reason enough to start with it: It is used to treat a number of medical conditions (multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy..) Eases and manages pain Treats muscle and bone injuries Enhances balance and coordination Read more about physiotherapy benefits here So, physiotherapy can

  Physiotherapy is a method of treatment that helps people recover from injuries, restore mobility, and function. Certain medical conditions, covered in this blog, can be treated by physiotherapy. It entails a number of techniques, such as massage and manipulation, which ease the tension in a patient’s muscles and bones, making movement easier. There are various approaches to perform physiotherapy; some focus on

    One of the first worries that a new mom feels is whether she is making enough milk to feed her child. In this blog we have listed some ways to help you boost your milk supply. Unlike bottle-feeding, breastfeeding is concealed. That is, you don’t get to see how much milk is present in your breast and how much the baby