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New professional midwife and nursing service for busy parents

Giving birth is a significant life event for a woman. It can either be a wonderful experience or a traumatic one, depending on how women are attended to and taken care of. Expert professionals like nurses and midwives play an important role in helping mothers give birth to their new-borns, ensuring they are in the right hands at all times.

The invaluable service and support of nurses and midwives extends even in the post-birth phase, where women are still learning their way around, taking care of their new-born all on their own. It is their experience and expertise of providing the right care that makes the early stages of parenthood smooth and safe.

In the UAE, the demand for midwives is increasing dramatically. The main reason being the change lifestyle and the shift in demographics. Mothers, during their early stages of motherhood, lack the support of an elder member in the family or are deprived of a large network. When a mother first returns home with her new-born child, especially if it is a first born, there are a lot of uncertainties that add stress to an already delicate time in her life. In addition, every home has different considerations. It is important to be able to provide professional, accredited, and customized care for mothers with new-bornbabies to suit their needs, says Dr. Sarper Tanli, Group CEO of Manzil Healthcare.

As part of its efforts to improving maternal, new-born and child health, Manzil Healthcare Services, the leading provider of medical services at home in the UAE, has introduced Mother & Baby – a home care service that provides mothers the essential care required during the period they need it the most. Our clinical team has the highest degrees of training. Having this level of professional care and support is no longer just a luxury. Increasingly, mothers demand it to complement their knowledge and advice from doctors and hospitals. Through this kind of support, we minimize the need for hospital visits, or returns to the hospital by addressing a wider range of risk parameters. says Dr. Tanli.

Manzil Healthcare Services is the first stand-alone home health organization that is accredited by the International Accreditation provider Joint Commission International. The nursing and midwife services include: breastfeeding support and education, demonstrating care for the new-born baby, post-delivery wound care, as well as assistance with the physical, emotional, and social transformation after delivery and postpartum.

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