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Nurses and Midwives Playing an Increasing Role in Supporting New Mothers in the UAE

Healthcare professionals like nurses and midwifes are increasingly providing an invaluable service to mothers with newborn children as they transition from the support of the hospital to coming home and starting care for their child on their own. With changing demographics from expatriates that do not have the support of a large family network, to locals with more family members at work, the demand for midwives and nurses support for mothers with newborn babies is increasing dramatically. In response to this demand, Manzil Healthcare, the leading provider of medical services at home in the UAE, and the first stand-alone home health organization accredited by Joint Commission International, has launched an enhanced service Baby at Home to provide mothers with essential care during the period that they need it the most.Among the services that midwives and nurses provide are breastfeeding support and education, demonstration of care for the newborn baby, post-delivery wound care, as well as assistance with the physical, emotional, and social transformation after delivery and postpartum.

Commenting on the importance of professional support for mothers, Dr. Saper Tanli, CEO of Manzil Healthcare said: When a mother first returns home with her newborn child, especially if it is a first born, there are a lot of uncertainties that add stress to an already delicate time in her life. In addition, every home has different considerations. It is important to be able to provide professional, accredited, and customized care for mothers with newborn children to suit their needs. He added: Our clinical team have the highest degrees of training. Having this level of professional care and support is no longer just a luxury. Increasingly, mothers demand it to complement their knowledge and the advice from doctors and hospitals. Through this kind of support, we minimize the need for hospital visits, or returns to the hospital by addressing a wider range of risk parameters.

With the increasing preference for patients to get treatment from the comfort of home, Manzil Healthcare provides various services for patients including ventilator support, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, post-operative care, elderly care, and diabetes management. Support for mothers and babies also includes a wide range of prenatal educational, practical, and emotional support such as consultation on preparation for baby room and home.