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postpartum tips

Essential Postpartum Care Tips


Postpartum care is important after nine months of pregnancy. It has to endure unimaginable wear and tear to bring a life into the world. This can be challenging for the female body. But all the physical trauma that birthing a child inflicts on a mother doesn’t end at delivery. In fact, it continues for a bit before the mother’s body attains its pre-pregnancy state.

If someone has a regular delivery, they will most definitely develop tears on their perineum along with soreness and weakened pelvic muscles. Conversely, in a C-section, the chances of tears in the perineal tissues are much lower, but the incision must be cleaned and dressed regularly.

Whether you push your baby out yourself or have the doctor take it out from inside your body, you will need to actively look after yourself post-delivery to regain your physical strength. Here are some postpartum care tips to help you recover healthily and swiftly after giving birth.


Tending To The Procedure Site Postpartum

If you had a standard delivery, you need to help heal the perineum tissue. You can do this by soothing it with heating pads as frequently as possible. You may also drench it with warm water every time you pass urine. In case of a C-section, you must wash your incision every day with warm water and mild soap. Then dry it off with a sterilized towel. Ask your doctor if you should keep the scar open or keep it wrapped in gauze. Whether you had a normal delivery or C-section, always follow your Doctor’s advice after childbirth.

Dealing With Postpartum Incontinence

The pelvic muscles in a woman’s body are responsible for holding up the uterus, bladder, and rectum. But during pregnancy, those muscles have to overwork to support the baby’s weight. They can be stretched past their capacity. This can result in drops of urine leaking every time a new mom laughs, sneezes, or coughs. To restore the strength in your pelvic floor muscles, you must do Kegels during and after pregnancy. Kegels are exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, such as glute bridges, bird-dogs, etc. you should also use a sanitary pad to soak up the urine droplets.

Postpartum Bleeding

After delivery, the membrane surrounding the uterus sheds, which causes vaginal bleeding. It can last a while, but in the first 3-10 days, the flow is quite heavy.

Ensuring Healthy Bowel Movements

Staying regular post-childbirth is essential to minimize the chances of injuring the delivery site. That is, constipation in new mothers can be detrimental to the perineum tissue or the incision in the case of a C-section. Therefore, you should eat nutrient-dense foods that are also rich in fiber to keep your bowel movements as regular as possible. Additionally, you should also drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses per day, to help with excretion.

Taking Care Of Sore Breasts

The days following delivery can be tough on the breasts; you might feel soreness in your breasts or dark circles around your nipples. To ease the discomfort in your breasts, take regular baths with warm water, apply cold washcloths, and wear a supportive bra, such as a sports bra.


If you wish to enjoy motherhood thoroughly, you need to regain your health, and the only way of doing that is eating well, getting lots of rest, tending to your exhausted body, and keeping up with your doctor appointments. These postpartum care tips can help you with your recovery. If you need additional help, we offer assistance to moms and babies at any stage, check out our services here.




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