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Physiotherapist and his elderly patient during a physiotherapy session

What are the benefits of physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis patients?


Physiotherapy exercises for treating multiple sclerosis have promising benefits. These exercises can enhance mobility, coordination and endurance. But first, what is multiple sclerosis? It’s an autoimmune neurological disease that can damage the nerves causing difficulty in mobility and coordination. Also, muscle pain, numbness and vision problems are some of the symptoms of this disease. Moreover, it can range from developing at a slow or fast rate.

According to Mayoclinic, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. However, managing the rate of progression and the symptoms of this disease is possible. Physiotherapy can help build muscle strength and manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  Also, specific medications that are prescribed by the doctor can enhance the treatment of this condition.

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Read further to know how physiotherapy exercises ranging from aerobic, strength training and even aquatic training can help in treating patients with multiple sclerosis.

Benefits of Physiotherapy In Treating Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Physical therapy exercise is essential to slow down any negative symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It’s essential for the physiotherapist to design an exercise program that aligns with the patient’s needs and the level of multiple sclerosis.

These exercises can include balance training, stretching, and aerobic training using a treadmill, rowing machine, or any type of stationary bike.

Aerobic Training

The benefits of physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis can include reducing fatigue. Aerobic training is helpful to improve balance and mood. This type of training can include the use of equipment, such as: an elliptical machine, a treadmill, or a stationary bike.

Aquatic Training

An aquatic exercise program is very beneficial in enhancing the general health of multiple sclerosis patients. Also,  it enhances flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.

This program can include the use of equipment such as kick boards to assist in balancing. However, no equipment can also be an option. Various exercises can be performed depending on the needs of each patient, such as: alternating knee lifts, static hamstring stretch and active chest stretch.

Strength Training

This type of training is beneficial to increase muscle strength and in which free weights can be used. Your physiotherapist will guide you into choosing the right dumbbells to use that won’t cause pain while using them. Moreover, exercises targeting the stomach, back, and the pelvis can enhance core stability.

You can also use resistance bands (stretchy or elastic material) for different range of motion and movements. For example, wrapping the band under your feet and pulling up while performing bicep curls.

In addition, you can include medicine balls ( weighted balled) to your strength training exercises for extra fun and functionality.


To wrap it up, it’s important to note that every treatment plan must be customized to the needs of the patient. The physiotherapy program can be done at home, or at a physical therapy clinic.

Manzil’s team of licensed physiotherapists can help patients ( infant to adult ) with neurological medical conditions through different facilitation techniques and therapeutic exercises. As a result,  this will enhance their motor performance, motor learning and motor control ability.

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