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3 Desk-Based Stretches To Reduce Back Pain

You finished your workday from working remotely at home or at your office desk, the next thing you know is that you start feeling pain in  your neck and back. This happens from sitting for long continuous hours without having a chance to stretch your muscles. So, you are risking having back problems that can affect your productivity. It’s very important to do desk based stretches to reduce back pain and get you going throughout the day.

Try these 3 stretches to relieve your back pain and enhance your blood flow throughout your body as well.


3 Desk-Based Stretches To Reduce Back Pain

Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can affect your posture, lead to lower back pain, as well as musculoskeletal problems. So, try these 3 stretches to relieve your back pain and enhance your blood flow throughout your body as well.


1.   Pectoral Stretch


  • Pectoral muscles connect the chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder
  • Interconnect your hands behind your back and squeeze your shoulder blades
  • Try to do that stretch for 10 seconds, and you can even do it while sitting on the desk if you don’t want to stand
  • This stretch helps to enhance oxygen flow and strengthen the shoulder blades muscles



2.    Neck Stretch


  • A very simple yet effective stretch where you take your right hand to the left ear and slowly push your head down towards the right shoulder
  • It will also help you in not leaning forward towards the computer all the time to reduce pressure on your neck


3.   Triceps Stretch


  • Bend one arm behind your head so that it reaches the opposite side
  • With the other hand, pull your elbow towards your head then repeat on the other side


Check how you can do the stretch step-by-step here


Bonus Tips!

  • Adjust the computer screen to your eye level so that you don’t have to hunch your back or put pressure on your neck
  • Adjust your keyboard where your elbows are bent 90 degrees
  • Use a chair with a backrest and rest your feet on the floor or on a footrest

To Wrap Up

Sitting at your desk and working for long hours can cause neck or back pain. This discomfort can affect your productivity throughout the day. So, try these desk-based stretches to relieve your back pain and maintain a good posture.


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