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September 2020

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  Your bundle of sweetness is here! What to expect of your baby’s growth during the first 4 weeks? Here’s your guide to your 1 month baby’s development. Pro Tip! Consult with your pediatrician on the best eating schedule for your baby to match his/her health needs and development. Your 1 Month Baby’s Development Week 1 It’s very important to strengthen your bond with

Who wants healthy and glowing hair? We all do. However, sun damage, air pollutants, hormonal imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies are some of the problems that can affect our hair growth. For that reason, our vitamin infusion therapy contains safe vitamins and nutrients that will help to prevent hair loss and give you the healthy hair you need. The good news

If your baby has irregular bowel movements, or not being able to poop regularly - then this might be a sign of constipation. Depending on your baby’s age and whether he/she is being breastfed or formula-fed, the average normal frequency of bowel movements can be different. Also, baby constipation is likely to happen when he/she starts solid foods.   Signs Of Constipation