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How To Choose Your Child’s School Backpack To Reduce Back Pain


Back to school and back to basics! But wait, what about heavy backpacks and back pain? If your child happens to complain about back or neck/shoulder pain, then it’s time to consider choosing the best school backpack to reduce back pain or even prevent it. 

Although COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our life, yet adapting to a new normal is gradually moving forward. A positive and safe school environment provides children with an opportunity to build connections, as well as constructing meaningful learning knowledge. Schools across the UAE have taken the necessary health precautions to ensure a safe return to school for students and staff.


Heavy Backpacks And Back Pain


If your child is carrying a heavy backpack and complains of back pain or even neck/shoulder pain – the heavy backpack might be the first cause to consider. Consistent back pain can make it difficult for your child to concentrate on learning activities, thus affecting productivity and daily life.

So, we have covered useful tips to help you choose the best school backpack for your child.


Tips To Choose The Best School Backpack To Reduce Back Pain




  • Choose a lightweight and breathable material 


Shoulder Straps


  • Try to choose adjustable straps which can help reduce pressure on the back and balance the load
  • Shoulder straps should be padded and be 2 inches wide – padded straps won’t put pressure on the shoulders and back
  • The backpack should be carried on both shoulder straps




  • Choose a backpack that is not more than 10% of your child’s bodyweight
  • For a neutral posture, the backpack should sit in the middle of the back 
  • The highest point of the backpack should sit a little below the neck and its lowest point should end above the waist
  • Advise your child to put only the necessary items to avoid overloading the backpack


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  • Choose a backpack that has many compartments which will keep all items organized, as well as, distribute weight more evenly  from the shoulders and across the back
  • Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the backpack


Carry backpack on both shoulders


  • Advise your child to carry the backpack on both shoulders instead of only 1
  • This will help in balancing the load equally and prevent lateral spinal curves


To Wrap Up


We hope your child has a successful and a safe start of the school year. This also includes choosing the best backpack to reduce back pain and discomfort. 

Also, try to communicate with your child that choosing the right backpack – regardless of style – will help protect his/her back for healthier growth. 


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