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lower back pain

What Is Causing Your Lower Back Pain?


Lower back pain can stop you from doing your daily activities and affect your wellbeing. It can progress slowly for a short period of time, or become a chronic pain for more than 3 months. What are the causes of lower back pain? And what are some treatments to help you recover faster?


Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain


1. Muscle Strain and Ligament Sprain

Have you ever lifted a heavy object? Had a sports injury? Or fell on your lower back? And felt an intense lower back pain after that? 

The cause: muscle strain and/or ligament sprain. They are the most common causes of lower back pain. With that being said, what is the difference between strain and sprain? 


  1. When a muscle is overstretched, it can tear and results in muscle damage. This is called a muscle strain.
  2. When ligaments (tissues connecting bones) are overstretched, they can tear and result in a sprain.

The pain is considered acute pain (short term). You can treat it with ice or heat packs, massage therapy or anti-inflammatory medications. 

However, if you feel the pain for more than 3 months, it’s considered chronic pain (long term). Lumbar herniated disc and other conditions might be the cause of lower back pain. Read further to know more. 


2. Lumbar Herniated Disc 


Your spinal discs in your lower back (lumbar discs) help in coordinating your movements. 

However, when you lift a heavy object, or twist your back this can add additional stress on your spinal discs.

Read more about treating Lumbar Herniated Disc here.

As a result, your spinal discs may rupture, trigger spinal nerve pain and cause your lower back pain.


3. Spinal Arthritis


With aging, the spinal joints can slowly become damaged. This damage can cause the spinal joints to be inflamed. 

Read more about treating Spinal Arthritis here.

Also, muscle spasms and inflammation can result in lower back pain. 

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Massage therapy at home or at clinic, medications, or even surgery can be among the treatments for your lower back pain. 


1. Rest!


You can rest for more than a few days. Also, avoid lifting heavy objects or doing intense movements that add pressure on your lower back.


2. Modify Your Activities


To allow for better healing and recovery, avoid activities that make your pain worse. 

For instance, if sitting on your desk is making the pain worse then try to set a timer to stand up and stretch every 20 minutes.


3. Heat / Ice Therapy


Take a warm bath, or use an electric heating pad or adhesive heat wraps that can relax muscles and improve blood flow. As a result, your mobility will become much better. 

Also, after an activity or exercise try using ice or cold packs that can help in reducing swelling. 


4. Massage Therapy


Your physiotherapist can guide you through the proper massage therapy to relax your muscle spasms. 

As a result, the therapy would increase blood flow to your lower back. The blood would carry the needed nutrients and oxygen to your damaged muscles. Good news? This will speed up your healing and recovery. 


To Wrap Up

The most common causes of lower back pain are due to a muscle strain and/or ligament sprain.

Other causes may include the rupture of spinal discs resulting in Lumbar Herniated Discs. Also, with aging some of the spinal joints may become inflamed and cause spinal arthritis and lower back pain.

Always remember to consult with your doctor and physiotherapist to guide you through the proper treatment plan to speed up your recovery.


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