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Super Fun At Home Toddler Activities To Try Now!

If one thing that the corona-virus pandemic has taught us is – resilience.

Parents working remotely at home are trying to juggle between their job responsibilities and taking care of their children.

What a better way to engage your toddler than with these super fun at home toddler activities! Read our go-to checklist for enjoyable activities that your toddler would thank you for!

Using All Senses

  • At this stage your toddler explores the environment around him/her through their senses. For example: their sense of sound, smell, taste, touch, and sight are a way to understand their surroundings while interacting with others.
  • So, sensory activities can help your toddler develop good fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination along the way.
  • One special at home sensory activity would be to put some pasta or beans in a larger container with measuring cups or scoops. Your toddler can then scoop the pasta and fill it in another small container. Check out these super fun sensory activities!

Reading Activities

  • Another engaging at home toddler activity is reading! Reading boosts creativity, enriches reasoning and vocabulary skills.
  • Not to mention that reading activities are essential to help your toddler connect sounds to words – a key skill in developing literacy foundation.
  • Also, reading books and stories that include special rhyme and repetition are a great example. Let your toddler take the lead and set their imagination free!

Pump Up The Heart!

  • According to the Dubai Health Authority, toddlers need around 180 minutes per day of active physical activity.
  • Physical activity, even if done at home, can reduce stress and build up strong muscles and bones.
  • Whether doing yoga moves, or dancing to a song, the opportunities are endless! Check out these 15 indoor activities!


At home toddler activities can be fun and engaging. Remember to experiment with different activities and observe which ones your toddler likes!

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