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Are Electrolytes Drinks Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?


Are electrolytes drinks safe for breastfeeding mothers? A question that most mothers are trying to answer, and we got the answers!

Water makes up 60% of our body, so it’s important to keep our bodies hydrated. It’s vital for breastfeeding mothers, who produce about a quart of breastmilk each day, to stay hydrated in order to enhance milk production during this nursing period. This is where electrolytes can help in restoring hydration and promoting milk production.

Electrolytes and Hydration

Let’s go back to the science basics without making things complicated. According to Healthline, when essential minerals in our body dissolve in fluids they will form electrolytes. Electrolytes are found in our sweat, blood and urine.

Also, they are important to :

●       maintain proper hydration

●       regulate muscle function

●       regulate nerve function

●       maintain the acid-base balance

Some examples of electrolytes found in our body include: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

Choosing The Right Choice Of Electrolyte-enhanced Drinks

A breastfeeding mother produces milk that is 87% water. However, most of the water is lost during milk secretion ( about 750 ml per day in the first 6 months). As a result, the mother should consume around 3.1 liters of water daily or 13 cups a day of fluids to compensate for the lost water.

Although electrolyte-enhanced drinks can restore hydration and energy, it’s critical for mothers to choose the right choice. Electrolyte drinks that are filled with harmful chemicals, extra sugar and caffeine can do more harm than good for the nursing baby.

So, try to choose organic electrolytes-enhanced drinks with calcium, potassium, and magnesium to name a few and stay away from chemical packed sugary drinks.

Let’s talk about some safe and healthy electrolyte drinks for breastfeeding mothers, and some examples to avoid.

Coconut Water

A healthy drink with natural electrolytes? Yes, we are on board with that!

Not only does coconut water contain low natural sugar, but it’s also packed with natural electrolytes and provides nutritious healthy benefits.

For instance, it can encourage the production of capric acid and lauric acid in breast milk which can enhance your baby’s immunity and bone development.

Read more about the benefits of coconut water for breastfeeding mothers here

So, coconut water is a great choice for breastfeeding mothers.

Pro Tip: Remember to choose coconut water that is made from organic fresh coconuts. Avoid consuming it in excess to reduce bloating.

Fruit Juices

Natural fruit juices are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and natural electrolytes. As a result, fruit juices are a good choice for breastfeeding mothers.

For example: orange and cherry juice are packed with natural electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Pro Tip: You can prepare homemade fruit juices to get all their natural benefits. However, if you opt to choose ready made fruit juices, make sure you choose organic juices without the extra artificial sugar.

Energy Drinks

Although energy drinks can give this energy boost, not all energy drinks are created equal. Caffeine, extra sugar and chemicals are a source of concern for a breastfeeding mother.

Moreover, your baby might show signs of increased irritability and difficulty in sleeping when exposed to caffeine from breast milk.

Pro Tip: Try to opt for healthier electrolyte-enhanced drinks like coconut water or fruit juices.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are the go-to drink for athletes to replenish their electrolytes, carbs and energy after an intense workout or exercise.

Yet, some sports drinks contain extra caffeine, chemicals and extra artificial sweeteners which should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers.

Pro Tip: Switch the sugary and chemical packed sports drink with your own healthier version! You can prepare it using 3 ingredients only: 100% fruit juice, coconut water, and a pinch of salt.

 To Wrap Up

Although electrolyte-enhanced drinks can help breastfeeding mothers restore their hydration and energy levels, it’s also vital to choose a safe and healthy drink. This will align with your health needs, and provide your baby with all the nourishment he/she needs.

Moreover, you can always consult with your doctor to guide you in choosing the right drink. At the end of the day, natural food or fluids can provide all the healthy nutrients and electrolytes that you need.

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