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April 2020

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The first year of your baby’s life is perhaps the most beautiful and precious to you. However, it's an equally important time in your baby’s life. Charting your baby's growth can be a delightful experience for new parents. As much as you are enjoying watching your baby's next move, you're constantly scared that time is moving too fast. So, you

While giving birth is often depicted as being one of the most beautiful marvels of life, the reality isn’t all that pretty. In fact, many women forget to take care of themselves properly after giving birth. So, as a result their physical and mental health suffers. At Manzil Healthcare Services, we understand how difficult it can be to care for a

While breastfeeding is completely natural, a lot of new mothers still stress about it. We added some helpful breastfeeding tips for new mothers to guide on this wonderful journey! Manzil Healthcare Services is also here to help!  We want to make your time after delivery as comfortable as possible, so we provide services such as nannies and nurses to care for

Once a trend catches on, it spreads like wildfire. Such is also the case with IV vitamin infusion therapy. If you're thinking of opting for a safe vitamin infusion therapy, then Manzil Health got you covered! Our licensed experts will provide Today, many people flock to clinics to get the therapy done, not fully understanding what it is or how

There’s no better feeling than bringing your little bundle of joy home and introducing them to your friends and family. But as everybody oohs and aahs over the little baby, only you know how much work caring for a newborn baby entails. They don’t weigh much, and they apparently don’t do much besides eating and pooping. What’s more, they can

Vitamins and minerals are two groups of nutrients that have been stressed upon extensively by nutritionists. A deficiency in major minerals and vitamins can even lead to several sicknesses, weakness, and a compromised immune system. So, fighting vitamin deficiencies with proper supplements or safe vitamin infusion therapy will put your health on the right track. Our primary source of vitamins and

While any one symptom of heart failure shouldn’t be enough to alarm you, having multiple symptoms at once is a cause of concern and requires urgent medical attention. Here are some signs of congestive heart failure that you need to look out for. 1. Shortness of Breath/ Breathlessness If you find it difficult to breathe or feel as if there is not enough

  If you’ve only recently given birth, you are most likely overwhelmed by all the new feelings, responsibilities, and of course, your newly-discovered maternal instinct! There are some things that you should be prepared for as a young mother. Here are some of the things every new mother should know. 1. Take Care Of Yourself First We get it. You just became a mom,