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Is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Safe?

Once a trend catches on, it spreads like wildfire. Such is also the case with IV vitamin infusion therapy. If you’re thinking of opting for a safe vitamin infusion therapy, then Manzil Health got you covered! Our licensed experts will provide

Today, many people flock to clinics to get the therapy done, not fully understanding what it is or how it will benefit them. A celebrity or two posts about getting regular infusions, and off you go.

Diving into anything without proper prior knowledge isn’t advised. While treatment or therapy might be good to someone else, it just might not be for you. Though IV vitamin infusion therapy is essentially harmless, other treatments, if followed blindly, could end up affecting your health adversely.

If you have also been inclined towards getting IV vitamin infusion therapy done since you found out that Adele does it, we encourage you to read up on it first, and then consult with your clinicians about it. If he/she expresses encouragement, knowing your medical history, then you must definitely try out this miracle treatment that celebrities can’t stop fanning over. 

Even if, despite your clinician’s go-ahead, you’re concerned about the risks involved in IV Vitamin therapy, then let us put your mind at ease.

IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy – Worth the Risk?

Let’s break down what a safe vitamin infusion therapy entails. This therapy involves a lite”mocktail of vitamins’ that include:

  • vitamins A , E, B -12 , C, D and many moret
  • these vitamins transferred directly into your veins so that it doesn’t lose most of its nutrients
  • a safe vitamin infusion therapy is especially crucial and helpful for people who have limited diets
  • people with compromised bodies that cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals as effectively can also benefit 

Of course, not everybody’s body needs all of the vitamins in those amounts. Is that dangerous? Do too many vitamins and minerals in the body pose a threat to our health? The answer is mostly negative therapy. If your clinician gives you the go-ahead, Manzil Health will be happy to serve some vitamin mocktail to you! 

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