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An elderly woman smiles at her caregiver

Senior Care and Caregivers

At Manzil Health, our senior caregivers provide outstanding senior care to you or to your loved ones. No matter how gracefully one has aged – the natural, cognitive and physical abilities start to decline. Your health begins to deteriorate as you mature, and at such times you need help.

While it may be hard for you to accept assistance, rest assured that there is no shame in reaching out. An extra pair of hands could keep a check on your health. 

If you or an elderly family member requires medical help, call us on 800 626 945 or contact us here. Our team of qualified caregivers and nurses will provide the utmost medical care you need!

 Senior Caregiver Types 
  • Those who give authorized medical assistance and drugs
  • Those who only help with non-medical related stuff , for example: doing the laundry, dish washing, preparing meals, administering medicines, and assisting in physical exercise

These senior caregivers can come to your home, spend a couple of hours and make sure everything is taken care of before they leave. Moreover, you can even opt for caregivers that stay with you at your place, and have the needed assistance available at all times.

Certified, in-home caregivers are trustworthy and reliable. You need not worry about anything except communicating all your requirements to them. 

What Falls Under Medical Senior Care?

If you are confused about whether a senior caregiver is what you need, find out below what a medically trained caregiver can do for you and how it makes your life easier.

Daily activity advisory chart

A senior caregiver will draw up daily charts listing down the levels of activity and exercise that you need to stay in the best shape. As a result, the caregiver will have a history of your physical health and advise you accordingly.

Medication management

Only a certified nurse or practitioner can administer specific dosages intravenously. In that case, our senior caregivers will stay on top of your medical conditions and adjust your treatment/ medication accordingly. 

Pain management

You might be prone to chronic joint pains and back pains that come with age. So, with careful medications and necessary exercises, you can manage and control the pain. Moreover, the pain won’t interfere with the quality of life. 


Senior caregivers can help you with the needed physiotherapy. As a result, this will prevent stiff joints and muscles. Also, it’s recommended not to do this alone to prevent injuries.

Catheter Management

If you have a catheter attached, it is very important to keep it clean all the time. Especially if it is an indwelling one, so draining, washing, and changing the urine bags is an essential task.

Wound Care

If there are external and internal wounds from an injury, fall, or post-surgery, the nurse or practitioner will keep an eye on it and monitor its healing.

Nurses, caregivers, and practitioners at Manzil Health are highly qualified and trained to perform these duties. If you need any assistance, call us on 800 626 945 or reach out to us!