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May 2020

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At Manzil Health, our senior caregivers provide outstanding senior care to you or to your loved ones. No matter how gracefully one has aged - the natural, cognitive and physical abilities start to decline. Your health begins to deteriorate as you mature, and at such times you need help. While it may be hard for you to accept assistance, rest

Postnatal care (PNC) is an essential form of care for a mother and child following childbirth. Although not all moms, families, and babies face complications after delivery, having a proper postnatal care protocol is still vital for every family post-delivery. It is provided to a new mother and her infant to ensure that their recovery does not deviate from the

Palliative care is individualized care that’s provided to a person suffering from a life-threatening disease. It is employed to ensure a better quality of life for the patient. Since fatal conditions don’t have a cure, people suffering from such disorders are given specialized care to ease their symptoms and reduce pain.  Living with a terminal disease can be harrowing for not

If you are considering physiotherapy at home, it serves multiple purposes. In many cases, it is the only way to fix certain problems such as body aches and pain, to increase the range of motion and the flexibility of the body, to correct posture, and improve strength. It is often recommended by doctors after spine surgeries, muscle spasms, and to

If you live by yourself, or if your partner has to go to work, you may have to become self-sufficient in order to take care of yourself after major surgery. We can also help! Our specialized Manzil Health clinicians can offer daily visits or extended holistic plan of care covering all the aspects of taking care of your wound so

Nowadays, there is a trend of moving away from nursing homes and more toward at-home senior care services. As our parents and grandparents age, they require an increased amount of our time and assistance. Unfortunately, our busy lives prevent many of us from being able to dedicate too much time to our elderly. As such, people tend to leave their elderly

Patients often hear medical professionals talk about levels of care, but not many know much about those levels. Healthcare is divided into four levels; primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Doctors use these different categories to distinguish between the complexities of medical cases and the level of care they require.  As a patient, knowing about the different forms of care protocols can

Diabetes is the leading cause of multiple fatal diseases and accounts for approximately 3.8 million deaths annually. However, all these grim effects of diabetes come by if a person doesn’t manage their condition effectively. Manzil Health licensed nurses provide an outstanding at home diabetes care and management to help your loved ones on their road to recovery. Most people consider living

Taking care of your child's health needs is crucial for his/her healthy growth! Babies are entirely weak and vulnerable when they are born. As a parent, it's your responsibility to make sure that your baby is well cared for so that they grow up to be healthy and strong adults. If you're a new mother on the road for a post-delivery