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As the years go by, our bodies slow down and we find ourselves lagging physically, unable to move as nimbly as we used to in our prime years. Whether it be climbing upstairs, walking longer distances, or even getting out of bed, the effects of aging are certainly there. We believe that with the right care for the elderly people

  Did you know that by adding superfoods into your eating plan, you can reduce your back pain? Yes! We have listed 3 anti-inflammatory foods to reduce your back pain, and boost your immune system. Get the tips on the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet here. In response to an injury, toxins, or a medical condition, your body’s natural reaction would be inflammation.

  Physiotherapy can enhance your balance, coordination and restore mobility. Not only does it help in the recovery of certain medical conditions, but it also can manage your lower back pain. With the guidance from your physiotherapist, you can try these physiotherapy exercises to reduce your back pain. It gets better: you can do these exercises at the comfort of your home.

  Lower back pain can stop you from doing your daily activities and affect your wellbeing. It can progress slowly for a short period of time, or become a chronic pain for more than 3 months. What are the causes of lower back pain? And what are some treatments to help you recover faster?   Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain   1. Muscle Strain and

  Physiotherapy is an effective method to recover from an injury or surgery and regain motor function. Therefore, choosing the right physiotherapist is important for better recovery and healing.  So, what should you focus on when choosing the right physiotherapist for your treatment plan? Choose a Specialization Physical therapists can have different specialties. Some may specialize in sports medicine, while others may in neck

If you are considering physiotherapy at home, it serves multiple purposes. In many cases, it is the only way to fix certain problems such as body aches and pain, to increase the range of motion and the flexibility of the body, to correct posture, and improve strength. It is often recommended by doctors after spine surgeries, muscle spasms, and to